Building a rescue vessel for the future

The construction of the newest SAR vessel in The Norwegian Sea Rescue Society’s fleet has just started at Hydrolifts facilities in Fredrikstad, Norway.

Olympic Yacht Show 2022

Meet our Greek dealer Nordic Marina at the 2022 Olympic Yacht outside Athens October 7 – 10

Naantali Boatshow 2022

Our Finish dealer VG Boats will attend Naantali Boat Show May 27-29. The boat fair takes place at Naantali Guest Harbour just outside Turku.

Waterfront Day’s 2022

Our Swedish dealer CK Marine Group will attend Waterfront Day’s. The boat fair takes place at Nacka Strand just outside Stockholm.

Autopia Expo 2022

Hydrolift exhibiting X-26 S R Black Edition at the Autopia Expo April 22 – 24

Eriksberg Boat Show 2022

Hydrolift will attend the Eriksberg Boat Show in Gothenburg April 8 – 10

Olympic Yacht Show 2021

Meet our Greek dealer Nordic Marina at the Olympic Yacht show 2021 outside Athens October 1 – 5

Southampton Boat Show 2021

Meet our UK dealer Hydrolift Boats UK at this years Southampton International Boat Show. The will have a Hydrolift X-26 S on display September 10 – 19.

Kygo enjoying the summer in Hydrolift X-26 S

Kygo enjoys the summer in his new, specially designed Hydrolift X-26 S. -” It runs insanely well in the water, and when you drive at 40-50 knots you do not feel the waves once”

Hydrolift welcomes new investor

Hydrolift welcomes new investor, Canadian Dan Bordessa who will take 50% ownership together with Eker Group.

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