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Tested to withstand rough Scandinavian conditions all year round. Simulation is a great tool striving for the best product possible. Testing in harsh and cold circumstances always determines our success.

Together we search for magic moments.


Our goal with the modular Hydrolift X-Series was to create a sporty and comfortable ride. We wanted to give the driver that special feeling that all boat drivers recognize when they experience it.

The X-Series is a range of flexible and social models with our well-known high performance hulls offering exceptional seaworthiness and low fuel consumption. When creating the X-Series, we also aimed for well-designed and functional solutions onboard.

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Every boat or vessel manufactured at the Hydrolift production facilities is made to order. Our reputation of delivering superior performance and unique driving dynamics is a result of our countless use of simulations, test drives and calculations. All boats are assembled by our highly trained and passionate team who strive to always deliver magic.

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We are committed to continuous product improvement and evolution, delivering only the highest quality boats and unmatched design to the premium segment.

Our progress powers your passion.

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