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Designed and Manufactured in Norway

Team Hydrolift is proud to design and manufacture all of our vessels exclusively in Norway. The Scandinavian legacy of building high quality boats has been around for decades. We are honored to carry on this tradition with an emphasis on exceptional craftsmanship.

Innovation, Design, and Performance are the foundation of every Hydrolift.

Hydrolift X-Series

Hydrolift X-Series is a stylish and innovative model series with focus on a practical and functional layout. Our modern design language with flexible solutions creates social and content-rich variants – staged for thrilling rides and long days at sea – turns moments into memories.

Hydrolift Professional

The Hydrolift Professional Series raises the bar in the service vessel category by combining the latest technology and modern design techniques. The modular design simplifies maintenance and training, increases quality and reduces operational costs. Our clients can customize the vessel to match their exact specifications and use cases.


Hydrolift has always been an innovative boat manufacturer and we constantly strive to be a leader in shaping the future of water travel. Our first electric model on the market is the Hydrolift E-22 powered by a 150 horsepower electric outboard engine.

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