Launch of Hydrolift X-28 DC

The Latest Addition to the X-Series

Recently launched and hitting the waves for the very first time, Hydrolift X-28 DC is already the Porsche 911 of the sea.

X-32 DC Event 1 Stavanger - 33

Engineered with exceptional sea-keeping qualities, the X-28 DC guarantees a fast and smooth ride even in demanding conditions. Passengers can enjoy excellent wind protection, enhancing the comfort of high-speed travel.

Thanks to its remarkably quiet ride, conversations can be comfortably held at normal speaking volumes even at speeds of 60 knots. Additionally, the boat’s efficient design ensures low fuel consumption, making it not only a pleasure to pilot but also economical to operate.

Hydrolift X-28 DC truly is the perfect boat for families that value comfort, safety, and performance. It delivers a premium boating experience, combining the thrill of speed with the pleasures of a quiet, comfortable journey, truly reflecting Hydrolift’s dedication to innovation, luxury, and the pure joy of boating.

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