The construction of the newest SAR vessel in The Norwegian Sea Rescue Society’s fleet has just started at Hydrolifts facilities in Fredrikstad, Norway. This vessel will be incorporating several new sustainable, efficient and energy saving solutions.

– This is the moment we have been working for – to reach the point of where the ideas and designs enter the real world of component production and vessel assembly, says Hydrolifts CEO, Bård Eker.

Until now, the designers from Eker Design and Hydrolift have worked closely with The Norwegian Sea Rescue Society in developing a modern rescue vessel, full of innovative technology. The vessel will reduce particle emissions and CO2 emissions by up to 90%, in a “well to wake” perspective.

– On the technology side, the developers from Hydrolift Smart City Ferries/Hyke also participate by implementing smart technology in the vessel, which will prepare “Smart Saver” for the future, concludes an enthusiastic Eker.

P-45 Rear Angle - 45 Knots - Norway P5 - Web

More time for lifesaving

In September 2021, the development process started for the new vessel in the Staff class for The Norwegian Sea Rescue Society.

The vessel is donated by the Tom Wilhelmsen Foundation and stands out from the rest of The Norwegian Sea Rescue Society’s fleet. After an extensive development process, the vessel is now ready for production. “Smart Saver” will run on the environmentally friendly fuel HVO and contain new technology, which will relieve the crew, giving them more time to focus on what they are supposed to do, saving lives and salvaging valuables.

The ambition for the project was a zero-emissions vessel based on Hydrolifts P-42 platform, which initially went under the name “Green Saver”. Over the past year, extensive insight work has been carried out, to define the requirements for credible preparedness. This includes, among other things, requirements for a top speed of around 35 knots and sufficient range, to be able to go out on a mission on short notice, in all weather conditions. Even with an intense and comprehensive development process, trying to reach this goal, it had to be concluded that the zero-emission technology is neither sufficiently matured nor available within the set time frame for the project

Looking at all opportunities to reduce emissions

Nevertheless, with this vessel, The Norwegian Sea Rescue Society will be well on its way to meet the climate goals of reducing CO2 emissions by 50 percent, within 2030.

“Smart Saver” should be exactly what the name implies; smart and sustainable. By that we mean that the vessel, with the help of new and smart technology, can assist the crew in making good decisions, says Berit Letting, manager for Newbuilds at The Norwegian Sea Rescue Society

P-45 Rear Angle Norway F3 - Web

Letting says that this technology will assist the crew in search and rescue operations, and in other demanding situations. She says that The Norwegian Sea Rescue Society looks at all opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, both locally on the vessels, but also in a global ecosystem.

“Smart Saver” will use the latest technology in autonomy, developed by Hyke, Hydrolift Smart City Ferries. This will make it possible for the vessel to calculate the smartest speed and route and presenting this to the crew.

The sensor packages and the digital services on board will improve situational awareness and enable the operations center to assist in search and rescue and other demanding operations. This technology also means more efficient search and rescue work, by freeing up the mental capacity of the crew.

In terms of appearance, the P-45 “Smart Saver” will stand out from the previous Staff class vessels in the form of a longer hull, closed and damped wheelhouse, new air intakes on the aft deck and several product optimizations. The boats color palette has also been changed.

With this vessel, we will define the smart and sustainable rescue vessels of the future. We want to use this project to develop and test new technology, challenge suppliers, and find new solutions to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves, says Letting.

Renders by Eker Design

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