Top 5 Norwegian Port Destinations You Need to Discover

Time spent on your boat with friends and family will always be memorable. Opportunities to relax, unwind and get away feel exceedingly rare. So, when you’re able to climb aboard, turn the key and push off from your mooring, you want to make the most of that escape. 

With over 1,600 miles of coastline Norway is one of the best destinations for boating excursions and should be on your get-away list. To help give you some ideas for unique and enjoyable day or long-weekend trips if you travel there, here are our Top 5 Norwegian port destinations to plug into your GPS.

Son Gjestehavn

If the Vikings prized this natural and sheltered harbor for its beauty and abundance, you can be sure that you will too. Son is one of the most historic and highly-visited guest harbors in Norway. From the impeccable old wood homes to the Coastal Culture Center to the quaint shops, cafes and restaurants in town, Son is a perfect destination to reacquaint yourself with rest and relaxation..

Korshavn Robuer, Farsund

Found at southern tip of Norway, west of Lindesnes, the harbor at Korshamn only has about 100 permanent residents. But its rich deep-sea fishing history, surrounding islands, hiking trails and diving locations make it a perfect place to explore. Lodging is located on the pier with sea views and evening sun and is close to the village’s convenience store and charming pub.


Venture just outside of Tønsberg to Færder National Park and you’ll find yourself at Verdens Ende or “World’s End” taking in its breathtaking archipelago and coastal landscape. Back in town, not only will you have a wide range of comfortable lodging, but you’ll be able to occupy as much time as you’d like with a full calendar of local events and attractions.

Fiskebrygga Kristiansand

Summer days on the fishing pier are exactly what you’d hope they’d be like: full of delicious food, live music, sight-seeing and happy people. Fresh seafood from the fish shop at Reinhartsen. Dinner outside at one of the many local restaurants. Ice cream and boat-watching. Concerts under the stars. Fiskebrygga will not disappoint.

Kullesdeidkanalen Gjestehavn, Bømlo  

Visit this beautiful, sheltered harbor town and you will fall asleep with the sound of the ocean in the distance. Surrounded by a stunning archipelago, there are endless opportunities to explore by boat, car, kayak, on foot, bike or by snorkel. As they say: Set your course to 59 ° 44’32.1 ″ N and 5 ° 14’06.9 ″ E—and get ready for a fantastic visit.

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