12.6 m


3.9 m

Max speed range

45+ kn


Main Engines

2x FTP N67 500-570 HP

Reduction Gears

2x ZF 280

Water Jets

2x Kongsberg 25A3

Bow Thruster

Sleipner SEP150 8,8 kW 150 kg


2x Humphree X450

Alternative Engines

Electric, Hybrid, Outboard

Standard equipment onboard P-42 Platform

  • Built in accordance to Nordic Boat Standard and DNV 2.21 – Regulations for smaller cargo vessels
  • 700 L fuel tank
  • Vacuum infusion fiberglass construction, specified for 6.5 G
  • Halogen-free cables
  • Open aft deck (better for SAR missions)
  • Seats and benches for 4 / 5 people in Cabin (optional individual seats on open Tender version)
  • Heavy duty pullers – black oxidized
  • Red and white LED interior lighting
  • Foldable mast
  • "Hammerglass" windshield
  • 12 / 24V electrical system (Optional shore supply 230V)
  • Hydraulic steering
  • 360-degree view from driver position
  • 3 windscreen Wipers
  • 2 electric bilge pumps
  • 2 manual bilge pumps

Enjoy a trip with the Hydrolift P-42 SUV

Innovation, Design, and Performance are the foundation of every Hydrolift. We are committed to continuous product improvement and evolution, delivering only the highest quality boats and unmatched design to the premium segment.

The latest in technology

The Hydrolift Professional platform raises the bar in the service vessel category, by combining the latest technology, modern design techniques and verified human factors science. The P-42 platform is a innovative high speed vessel with superb stability, flexible work space and panoramic view from helm position.

Unique and innovative design

The P42 Tender is the ultimate combination between functionality and design. Its distinctive hull will deliver an exhilarating, stable and dry ride. Each P42 Tender will be customized to the client’s specifications together with a personal touch through colors, additional features and upholstery to fit its mothership. With an unique and innovative design – the P42 Tender will turn heads as it delivers guests ashore in unprecedented style, speed and comfort.

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