Kygo enjoying summer in his new Hydrolift X-26 S

Kygo in his new specially designed Hydrolift X-26 S

The Norwegian DJ star Kygo, or Kyrre Gørvell-Dahl, has bought our best-selling boat Hydrolift X-26 S. The boat is decorated with red seats a palm tree motive, and is equipped with 600 horsepower. The decor is specially designed for the Palm Tree Crew logo.

Our Sales Manager Aslak Olseth took the trip to Bergen in the early summer for the handover of the Hydrolift X-26 S – and a demonstration was also made of the boat with driving training. This comes in handy when the boat is equipped with two 300 hp Mercury engines – and has a top speed of over 70 knots.

Kygo og Aslak på overlevering i Bergen Hydrolift_Photo@Johannes Lovund
Aslak Olseth demonstrating Hydrolift X-26 S for Kygo. Photo: Johannes Lovund

Runs well in the water

-I have been excited, and think the design is really cool. After the first driving experience, I understand that there is quite a lot of sparkle in the boat, so you have to have some respect for it. Now I’m just looking forward to driving, and getting to know the boat – and get some nice trips, says Kyrre Gørvell-Dahl.

-It runs insanely well in the water, and when you drive at 40-50 knots you do not feel the waves once, so taking the boat on a long trip will not be a problem, Kyrre Gørvell-Dahl continues.

Sold out for the summer 2021 season 

Hydrolift X-26 S was introduced to the market in 2019 and is the best-selling boat in our X-series. Our Sales Manager Aslak Olseth states that it has already been sold out for the 2021 summer season, and that production of the 2022 models will start later this summer. Several of these have also been sold, so if you want to secure one of these boats by next summer, the opportunity to secure a lot is now.

Hydrolift X-series is produced in our new factory premises in Fredrikstad. This plant is an extension of the current and was opened in January this year.

Hydrolift X-26 S Thechnical data

  • Length, m: 8,11
  • Beam, m: 2,45
  • Weight, kg: Fra 1900 including motor
  • Hull design: two-steped 24 degree
  • Engines, hk: 250 – 600
  • Hull construction: Fiberglass sandwich 
  • Speed range, knots: 45 -70 +
  • Design: Bård Eker /Eker Design

Kyrre Gørvell-Dahl on his first trip in Hydrolift X-26 S. Photo: Johannes Lovund

Photo: Johannes Lovund

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